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Dr. Christopher's natural healing.

Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cure Web site.

Dr. Edgar Cayce Twentieth Century Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant


Garlic - fighting high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides.

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Health World - brief description of herbs.


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Kombucha Tea

When my Dr. told me I had diabetes my heart sank. The one thought that crossed my mind was that I was not going to live to see my two year old granddaughters married.

My husband and I did some research and came up with a couple of things that will help with the diabetes. One of these is Kombucha Tea.

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Natural Food Stores In Tennessee


A Vanishing Art

Old wives tales and folk lore are some of the adjectives that come to mind when people talk about natural remedies. However, many of the things that people did in years gone by actually worked - without the harmful side affects of today's medicines.

Food Poisoning

When a victim of food poisoning goes to the hospital, often the practitioner will fill their stomach with activated charcoal, wait for the charcoal to absorb the substance, then pump the charcoal and its contents back out. We use charcoal capsules for an upset stomach as the charcoal absorbs the harmful substance and allows it to pass through the system without harm.

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